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Each student begins their two year journey by attending the World Leaders Conference where they learn the skills necessary to be a team leader.

Leaders International was co-founded in 1996 by Michael and Jerold Samet, and has grown into one of the premier international youth development and education programs today.

Leaders focuses on the development of bright students who attend the three international meetings and participate in workshops, seminars, and team building activities.

Over the past twenty years, Leaders has impacted the life of many students. Starting with 16 students in the summer of 1996, Leaders now has 300 students per summer involved in its programs. Leaders has chapters in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, Central America and South America.

For over two decades Leaders has been making a difference....

The final program each student attends is held at Cambridge University Girton College in the UK.

World Leaders Conference

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Leaders International is an organization devoted to leadership training on a global level, and with a global perspective.
​ "Leaders International teaches leadership and civic responsibility intertwined with the challenges of celebrating the diversity and commonality of humankind."
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The second program requires each student to rendezvous at a selected location to begin a week long adventure discovering the history, people, food, and natural wonders of that country. 

It started in the USA and has spread around the globe...

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Leaders International
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