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Leaders International’s mission is to inspire and empower youth of the world to become leaders by providing opportunities far beyond the everyday scope of school, religion, and community.

Leaders offers leadership training program and seminars to build and develop leadership skills in youth around the world. As a not for profit 501(c)(3) US nonprofit organization, our mission is clear, making every effort to offer leadership development for the youth of today, and the leaders of tomorrow.

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it’s not just about learning… it’s about understanding

What I want you to understand is that this is not just a simple program. I can say that Leaders International changed my life. Here, we are all a big family that I’ll miss so much. Here, you learn how to actually live, how to help your partners in your group, and what it is to be a leader.

Leaders Student from Romania, 2012

People ask about the program and I try to explain it, yet words always fall short of describing the experiences and the development that I have undergone across the two years. For one week, each year I have been taken out of my natural environment, socialized with some of the most interesting and inspiring people of a similar age in the world, all in a fantastically organized week where I learnt more than many classes will teach in a lifetime.

Leaders Student from Australia, 2003

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Educational Advantages

Leaders International’s unique series of leadership programs provides learning opportunities that go far beyond school and classes.
The Programs focus on developing the skills of the students in a practical atmosphere in which the students are experiencing the lessons.

From learning to leading

We start teaching skills and lessons, and then shift to letting the students be the leaders – putting into action the lessons learned

Cultural Immersion

We immerse students in cultures while they learn understanding and tolerance from exposure to participants from around the world.

Experiences of a lifetime

From activities to locations, from speakers to sessions, our students are given opportunities and experiences that they will never forget.

Using these elements, Leaders students embark on a learning experience that exceeds the constraints of the classroom and teaches students more in a week than traditional schools can teach in a year.